The DayPro Breakfast

Saturday, July 29, 2006

Most mornings I used to have a breakfast sandwich, a hashbrown, and a cup of Kava, it's an acid neutralized coffee. Afterwards, I would feel full, but not very energetic. I set out to find a breakfast that tasted good and was packed with vitamins and minerals. I read up on a supplement called Immune26. Immune26 contains a hyper-immune egg protein that works with the body to support and balance the immune system. It also helps the body to maintain a healthy digestive tract, healthy cholesterol levels, joint flexibility, cardiovascular health, and proper circulatory function. To find out more about the hyperimmune egg protein go to www. Then I discovered Immune26 was available in a meal replacement- exactly what I was looking for! I drank Instant Breakfasts for years, but not continuously because they were not filling enough for me and I did not get much of an energy payoff either. Now for what has worked... On-the-Go Balance Meal Replacements and half of a warmed, whole-wheat peanut butter and fruit jelly sandwich. It' s filling and I feel great all day! This has definitely proved to be the breakfast I have been looking for. Try The DayPro Breakfast for a week and let your body begin to reward you for giving it what it's been missing! The meal replacements are available by going to Legacy for Life Wellness. Good Luck and Many Good Mornings!